Ditch the Dorm, Dive into Belong 

Experience student life in technicolor, not beige.

Belong was established by a diverse group of international students to help you find the best accommodation and navigate your exciting overseas experience.

Don't just exist, belong. Join our tribe of globetrotters, changemakers, and dreamers. We'll show you how to live and study like a local, how to turn every day into an unforgettable adventure. Your epic uni story starts here.

What makes Belong different

High-quality apartments, not just student dorms:

Belong isn't about dorm drudgery. We elevate your international student experience with stylish, new apartments that are more than just a crash pad. Think sleek kitchens, plush bedrooms, and vibrant communities just steps from campus and city life.

Forget shoebox rooms and shared bathrooms. Our apartments are your private sanctuary, fully furnished with modern amenities and designed for comfort and style. Plus, our prime locations put you close to everything you need: universities, cafes, and the pulse of the city.

Exceptional service:

Landing in a new country shouldn't feel like landing on the moon.

Belong knows the first steps abroad can be giant leaps – that's why we're here to hold your hand every step of the way.

Wave goodbye to "lost in translation" blues. We offer exceptional support to ensure you settle in comfortably and confidently.

Think smooth arrival logistics, friendly faces at the airport, and a network of peers ready to welcome you.But we don't stop there. Belong is your springboard to local life.

Join our vibrant events and workshops (think cooking classes, city tours, and career seminars) designed to help you integrate and thrive in your new community.

Ready to feel grounded, supported, and connected? Belong is your home away from home – your launchpad to an unforgettable student adventure.

Belong Guarantee:

Spacious rooms just for you or one friend, not crowded communal living.  Formal lease agreements and secure buildings mean you can focus on thriving, not stressing.  Need a change? Swapping roommates is a breeze.  Belong: your safe haven for academic success.

Our Leadership

Belong’s leadership are some of the most experienced and qualified professionals in the industry.

Come and visit our office

We are based in Sydney, Australia.

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We are based in Sydney, Australia.

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L5/383 George Street, NSW 2000